There are two types of scholarship that you can receive: a 'full scholarship' and a 'partial scholarship'.


Full scholarship means that the college/university pays for all your tuition, accommodation, food, books and everything related to your sport. In some instances, a full scholarship could mean an investment of up to $400,000 during the life time of the scholarship in one student athlete.  Typically, 25% of our athletes will receive a full scholarship. 

Partial scholarship is where the college/university will cover some, but not all of the costs associated with attending the university.  If a university costs $50,000 and the coach is giving you a scholarship worth $45,000 - this is a partial scholarship as there is a $5,000 difference that the parents of the student athlete would have to contribute.  If you perform well on and off the field, you could be rewarded with a scholarship increase and cover any costs that you had been contributing towards; providing you with a full scholarship.

There are also other scholarships that a university can offer (such as academic) and these can be combined with sports scholarships to cover the costs associated with attending a university.

The age range to be eligible for the award of a scholarship is 18-24 [the process can begin at high school, 16 years of age].

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