UNA, Alabama


Signed contract with Swansea City Ladies. Gulf South Conference Fall Academic Honour Roll. All-Gulf South Conference honours.

Degree in Secondary Education with Specialisation in Physical Education 

What they said:

Growing up loving sport, I’ve always been excited to experience new opportunities, and throw myself in the deep end. After visiting Florida in 2012, it was recommended that I looked into scholarship opportunities in the USA. That’s how I became involved with Stateside Today. After contacting the setup, I was evaluated during a soccer match, and following this I had a sit down discussion about the USA and what gaining a soccer scholarship in the USA meant. I had never really thought about leaving home at such a young age, let alone 4,200 miles away, but regardless of this, I jumped into the exciting opportunity and was put into contact with the University of North Alabama women’s soccer team. Stateside Today were there with me on my journey all along, in terms of communicating with the American schools’ coaches, and in terms of giving me confidence that this experience was a great opportunity.


Any questions I had, they were always available to give me the information and advice I needed. After getting everything set in stone, I packed my bags and got on the plane, and after a first time travelling on my own, I eventually made it to UNA. I have been here for two and a half years now, and Stateside Today have been there with me through it all. They are extremely supportive, and interested in keeping up with how I am doing, in soccer, school and just how I am finding it in general. I have enjoyed every single bit of being in an American school, and am thankful for the opportunity that Stateside Today developed for me, so much so, that I am planning to continue on in the USA until I graduate, and I am excited to see where this experience takes me.