Jorden Scott

Manhattan, New York

We have been working with Liam and Stateside Today for a number of years and truly appreciate the honesty, integrity and loyalty they show during the recruitment process.  The process itself can be stressful and uncertain throughout for both the player and the college coach and Liam does a great job of managing both through realistic expectations and a desire to ensure both parties gain success and happiness from the deal.

Francis Family

Coker, South Carolina

We have been working with Stateside Today for around 4 years as my son who was a regular club academy player in the UK decided he wanted to gain a degree, still have an opportunity to play at a high standard in the USA and possibly find a pro soccer deal.

Liam Parrington has worked tirelessly for us and provided an excellent level of personal service we just did not see in any other companies offering a similar opportunity.

Liam has been instrumental in finding the right school for my son. But also my son has loved working with Liam and stays in touch regularly to feedback on his academic and athletic progress.

We have been so impressed with Liam that my youngest son has also chosen Stateside Today to pursue his academic and soccer aspirations in the USA. I cannot recommend Stateside Today highly enough. They have a deep knowledge and experience of soccer in the USA, really look after you and quickly become part of your family. You really will not be disappointed!

Rudy Roediger

Andrew College, Georgia

Liam of Stateside Today has built a reputation among those in our profession as someone with great energy, work ethic, and vision for not just talent but ideal fits for programs. His commitment to excellence is clearly combined with a genuine interest in the development of his student-athletes.

Scott Wells

Charleston, Virgina

Stateside Today was the first place I called upon taking the position at the University Charleston. Their curriculum to recruit the perfect student athlete sets themselves apart from many other companies. They are very hands on and make the coaches life a lot easier by educating the families on what to expect upon their Journey.

Coleman Family

Cal State San Bernardino, California

In 2012 we attended a Stateside Today sports trial for scholarships in America, Liam met us and from day 1 he has provided clear, open and selfless advice to our son in pursuit of his dream. Liam has a very personable style and unselfishly uses his knowledge, experience and network to assist. Whilst others focused on payments, videos and contracts Liam assessed if he could help our son and if our son was right to represent Stateside Today.

Liam’s knowledge of the US college system and the process involved from eligibility to acceptance ensured a successful outcome and my son is experiencing his dream of studying and playing football (soccer) in sunny California. 3 years have passed with continued support and advice from Liam, always clear and upfront with any concern or issues to be considered, nothing too much trouble. It has never felt like a business relationship, we consider Stateside Today (Liam)  a family friend and who always treated our son as a person not a number.

As our son quoted Kieron “I see Liam as my mentor and friend, I could not have done this without him”


Engage with Stateside Today and “Live your dreams!”

Baynham Family

Yavapia College, Arizona

Applying for US college scholarships can be complex, especially when across the world in Australia. Stateside Today's contacts and knowledge of the US college soccer system is excellent. Our son Will is now studying in the US and playing soccer at a well established college who are hosting the national championships. What an experience!

Brian McCurdy

Bacone, Oklahoma

Since being a college soccer coach 3 years ago I have worked with Liam and Stateside Today regarding multiple players. Working with Stateside has been a very pleasant experience and the honesty and integrity of the people is a great thing. I feel like they go above and beyond to insure that the kids they are working with fully understand the process. They are very honest about the level of players they are working with also. There are no surprises with Stateside therefore the level of trust is very high. 

Ryan Hodgson

Century College, Minnesota

I took the Head Men’s and Women’s job 2 months before the season started. I had 2 returning players and a mountain to climb to even field a roster, never mind a competitive team. Stateside today and Liam Parrington put me in touch with several players of high quality that I recruited immediately. All players fulfilled their end of the promise and are now on a team that has a lot of potential. I highly recommend Liam and Stateside today from a student athletes perspective but also from a college coach recruiting quality overseas players.

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